Nonprofit hospital bond ratings under pressure; Congress wants investigation in New York Medicaid overspending;

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> Nonprofit hospital bond ratings come under pressure. Article

> Congress wants to investigate New York Medicaid overspending. Article

> MACPAC urges Medicaid/CHIP eligibility changes to fight automatic disenrollment. Article

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> Facing another fiscal cliff, President Obama today reinforced the urgency of the sequester that will take effect March 1--10 days from now. Article

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> There are plenty of positives to predictive analytics, such as improved quality of care and efficiency. But failing to act upon predictive data could have significant negative consequences, says Tina Buop, CIO of La Clinica de la Raza, a community health center in Oakland, Calif.  Article

And Finally... Now that's what I call productivity. Article

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A select few legacy health organizations could thrive under a "Medicare for All" system, according to a new analysis. 

The Congressional Budget Office estimates a Senate package tackling surprise billing and drug prices will save the government $7 billion.

Mahmee, a startup focused on maternal and infant health, just closed a $3 million funding round that includes Mark Cuban and Serena Williams.