New polls on ACA shows skepticism; States unwilling to terminate bad Medicaid contractors;

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> New USA Today polling data about the Affordable Care Act shows a large number of Americans are still skeptical about the law, and don't believe it will help them. Article

> Despite malfeasance by companies that manage Medicaid contracts, FierceHealthcare reports many states are still reluctant to terminate their services out of concerns that patients will be left in a bind. Article

> House Republicans, long champion of corporate and individual tax breaks, have found one they dislike: The credit that would help subsidize health insurance purchases on state exchanges, according to The Hill. Article

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> A new survey of healthcare executive benefits from Integrated Healthcare Strategies found approximately 86 percent of healthcare CEOs had a car or car allowance as a prerequisite in 2012. Article

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> An auditor found more than $300 million in duplicative IT systems at three different government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services--which has six duplicative systems costing $256 million alone--according to a new Government Accountability Office report. Article

And finally...New Orleans's brain-eating amoeba. Article