New Jersey township decides to sue hospital over taxes; Report says hospitals and patients vulnerable to cyberattacks;

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> Commissioners for North Bergen Township in New Jersey have voted to sue Palisades Medical Center over its tax-exempt status, reported. Article

> A new report has concluded that hospitals and their patients are vulnerable to harm from cyberattacks. Report

> New York City's public hospitals are facing a highly visible funding crisis that could impact the services they currently provide, according to City & State. Article

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> Difficulties the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense face when it comes to governance of the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center may impede future collaboration, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office. Article

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> Telehealth research tends to be overly positive, as it is often based on short-term projects, according to a paper published at Journal of Medical Internet Research, which suggests that future research should study the impact and effective use of telehealth. Article

And Finally... Five-year-old's runny nose attributed to forgotten safety pin lodged in nasal passage. Article