New Jersey hospitals pull back on anti health plan campaign; Hospitals have financial reasons for keeping bad food on the premises;

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> Two New Jersey hospitals have pulled back on some aspects of their billboard campaign against Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's new tiered provider plan after the insurer sued them, reported. Article

> Hospitals often have financial reasons for having processed and fast food served within their walls, but it makes it more difficult for patients to get healthy, according to The Atlantic magazine. Article

> OB-GYN physicians practicing at Catholic-affiliated hospitals often have to navigate a labyrinth of rules in order to please the provider as well as their patients, KPCC radio reported. Article

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"Nurse intuition" doesn't sound scientific, but it could play a key role in critical-care outcomes, according to a small study published in DovePress. Nurses have incorporated the idea of basing care decisions on their intuition into nursing discipline for decades, according to the authors, but educational institutions have largely ignored the concept in recent years. Article

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> An employee at Miami-based Jackson Health System is suspected of comprising more than 24,000 patient records, according to a Miami Herald article. The employee, Evelina Reid, has been placed on administrative leave and the system is investigating the breach. Information Reid may have inappropriately accessed over a five-year period includes patient names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and home addresses. Article

And finally... A 72-year love story. Article