New Form 990 coalition offers help; PA hospital will float $175M bond issue;

> A coalition of health lawyers, trade groups and hospital organizations have come together to form the "990 Hospital Coalition" to help hospitals fill out the new IRS Form 990 and Schedule H in a uniform and accurate manner. Site

> Butler County, PA commissioners have agreed to endorse a $175 million bond issue by the county's Hospital Authority to fund growth of the county hospital and refinance existing debt. Article

> Physicians and other groups are struggling with whether CT scans produce enough benefit to justify their cost. Article

> Rand Corp. is advising Washington, D.C. officials to spend its $90 million in tobacco settlement money to expand primary and urgent care through community health centers in the city's underserved sections. Article

And Finally... On the web, they say, no one knows if you're a dog...but they do know if you're a petulant grade-schooler. Article