MRI & CT units in US doubled since 1995; AMA intercedes in primary care physician shortage

> A study from Stanford University has shown that the number of MRI and CT units in the US doubled from 1995 to 2004, resulting in a dramatic expansion of related costs. However, the extra expense may not have resulted in better healthcare or reduced mortality. Article

> The AMA has passed a new policy to attempt to prevent the shortage of primary care doctors in the U.S. from increasing. The policy includes addressing student debt and increasing payments for primary care services to make it financially feasible for new doctors to enter primary care rather than a higher-paying specialty. Article

> Good news: Many areas may still be hemorrhaging jobs in the weak economy, but health care employment continued to grow in October, with the number of jobs increasing by 26,000 that month alone. Article

> A primary care center that serves poor and uninsured patients in Indianapolis has received a generous gift of $1 million to help pay for supplies, training, and other needs. Article

And Finally... Do you think this robber noticed that his hands were red? Article