Moody's says non-profit hospital financials deteriorated; Expanding Medicaid income limits could reach 17 million;

> A recent report from Moody's had bad news for non-profit hospital CFOs (as usual), noting that hospitals across high and low-end credit rating levels have, for example, seen their median operating cash flow fall. Article

> A new study concludes that expanding Medicaid eligibility to cover people with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level would reach 17 million Americans currently without coverage. Article

> Both the Senate and the House versions of the latest reform bill drafts now include value-based health insurance design, which attempts to create clinically-appropriate, financially-relevant incentives for patient health and wellness when designing benefits. Article

> Consumer confidence in their ability to pay for medical has risen 12 percent since March, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.  Patients are a lot less likely to postpone or cancel care during the next three months than the used to be, as well, the firm reported. Article

And Finally... There's nothing like the promise of an unexpected payday to lure crooks to their doom. (Hey, didn't the Simpsons do a take on this once?) Article