Miss. Gov. intervenes in insurer, hospital dispute; Low-income Calif. residents want more healthcare information;

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> Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant intervened in a contract dispute involving the state's Blues plan and ordered that the insurer at least temporarily reinstate 10 hospitals that it recently dropped, the Sun-Herald reports. Bryant cited state law mandating reasonable access to care as the reason for his actions. Article

> Low-income California residents say they want more information regarding how they make their medical decisions, according to a new study by a non-profit organization, Kaiser Health News reports. The survey connected patient satisfaction and better provider communication with patients being able to make more informed decisions. Article

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> It's a common problem that could become worse under the Affordable Care Act: Patients visit an in-network hospital but are charged thousands of dollars because the doctors who treated them work for the hospital but are considered out-of-network providers. Article

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> Emailing doctors like you'd email a co-worker or a friend about a concern seems to be the modern way of communicating--but would you be willing to pay for it? Parents polled by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital said no. Article

And finally...No Sponge Bob tombstones. Article