Middle class being stretched thin by current healthcare system; The cost of Obama health reforms;

> Long term care challenges lie ahead for even the most well healed and best prepared. As the population ages, companies that provide long term care will continue to be stretched past their limits. Article

> How will the new administration's policies affect health care providers and insurance carriers? Article

> Junk food diets, obesity, lack of exercise are increasing the health risks in children, and a growing number are now being treated for chronic illnesses. Beyond the significant quality of life and public health concerns, the jump in chronic disease among kids also adds to the financial burdens on employers, insurers, public health services as well as families. Article

> In the face of its own ongoing financial crises, Tenet Healthcare is trying to sell two hospitals and some of its medical office buildings. However, the fragile economy has made it difficult for would be buyers to raise the capital to buy the properties. Article

> New research report from Research and Markets on the state of health, disability, life insurance markets in the U.S. Article

And Finally... Prolific film and TV writer and former physician, Michael Crichton has died of cancer at 66. Crichton was the creator of the popular TV series ER and penned countless screenplays including The Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park. Article