MGMA: Doctor pay much higher for med directors in nonhospital owned practices

A new study from the Medical Group Management Association has turned up an interesting stat: Apparently, doctors who work as medical directors in nonhospital-owned group practices make significantly more money than those in hospital-owned practices, regardless of the specialty in question.

The greatest discrepancy was among nonsurgical specialists in nonhospital-owned practices, who received $27,400 more annually than their counterparts in hospital-owned practices. Geriatricians, for some reason, got highest annualized compensation ($172,121). 

Another interesting factoid was that apparently, it pays well to be a medical educator. Physician education duties increased primary care compensation by 82 percent, while surgical and nonsurgical specialists reported compensation increases above 100 percent. 

Meanwhile, primary care medical directors with recruitment responsibilities got the biggest bump in annual comp: a reported $27,430, compared with $13,980 for directors without recruitment responsibilities.

To learn more about the study:
- read this MGMA press release

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