Mental health hospitalizations rise; Washington judge invalidates part of CON law;

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> Inpatient visits for mental health issues have expanded under the Affordable Care Act, particularly among younger enrollees who have kept their insurance as part of their parents' coverage, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> A judge in Washington State has ruled that a certificate of need is not required for a change of ownership in a hospital, a change that the hospital sector lobbied for, AHA News Now reported. Article

> Michigan is one of the few states where Medicaid enrollees are incentivized regarding personal behavior, although policy experts suggests its program is too complicated in its current state to operate, according to Kaiser Health NewsArticle

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> As Congress moves ahead with bills to help thousands of veterans receive timely medical care, the FBI said Wednesday that it will conduct a criminal investigation into allegations that staff at Veteran Affairs facilities used secret waitlists to cover up the fact that patients had to wait months for care. Article

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> Healthcare providers more often turn to different sources of electronic data for their analytics efforts, according to a new survey conducted jointly by the eHealth Initiative and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. Article

And finally...Thankful for the ACA. Article