MedPAC may get power to enforce recommendations; Medicaid health plans lauded by AHIP;

> New legislation pending on the Hill could turn MedPAC into an independent executive branch agency with power to enforce its recommendations on Medicare payment policies. Article

> A new report from America's Health Insurance Plans--conducted on its behalf by The Lewin Group--suggests that Medicaid health plans save states money, increase access to care and satisfy enrollees. Article

> The best way to control costs and improve quality in health systems is to get physicians involved in accountable care organizations, according to a group of top industry analysts writing in The New England Journal of Medicine. Article

> How bad has the collapse of the bond market been for hospitals? Michael Allen, chief financial officer of Winona, MN-based Winona Health, told the House Financial Services Committee all about it last week. Article

And Finally... Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be a nice guy. Article

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