Medicaid may be on the rocks post stimulus; Community pharmacists want changes in flexible spending account rules;

> Medicaid may be on particularly shaky ground once stimulus funds stop flowing into state coffers after January 2011, according to GAO research. Article

> The National Community Pharmacists Association would like to see changes in the rules governing flexible spending accounts. The current rules impose requirements that make it tough for independent pharmacists to accept such patients. Article

> The economy may be getting on its feet, but one Michigan health system seems to be feeling the pinch still. William Beaumont Hospitals of Royal Oak, Mich., is laying off 353 people across its three-hospital system. Article

> Wondering just what impact various health reform subsidies and payments would have under different reform scenarios? Check out this calculator by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Article

And Finally... Sounds like something that could happen in Mexico, but no, it actually took place in New Jersey. (No kidding.) Article