ME medical practice predicts potential ER patients; Failure to expand TN Medicaid could lead to rural hospital closures;

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> St. Joseph Internal Medicine in Maine uses predictive modeling software to determine which patients are at highest risk of an emergency room visits, and tailors their care accordingly, the Bangor Daily News reported. Article

> A failure to launch Insure Tennessee, the current proposal to expand the state's Medicaid program, could lead to rural hospitals in the Volunteer State to close their doors, two hospital executives argue in the Nashville Tennessean. Article

> Brooklyn was covered with the remnants of ashy medical records over the weekend, as a fire at a warehouse that stored records for several nearby hospitals burned, the Wall Street Journal reported. Article

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> After the initial apprehension and uncertainty in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, optimism is taking hold among healthcare leaders, according to research from the Aegis Health Group, which identified positive trends within the industry. Article

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> Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia is investing in virtual medical service as a means to provide care in the least-costly setting. As Medicare expands reimbursement for remote care, Thomas Jefferson is betting that insurers, too, will focus on reimbursement for quality instead of quantity. Article

And finally... Loose tooth leads to highway pileup. Article