Malpractice cap lift may go to CA voters; KS lawmakers want to decide how to spend all federal healthcare money;

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> A ballot initiative to lift a cap on non-economic damages in malpractice suits in California may go to voters later this year, but the state's physician groups are lobbying hard against it, according to the Los Angeles Times. Article

> Lawmakers in Kansas are petitioning Congress to allow the state to set an advisory commission that would determine how the state spends Medicare and Medicaid funding, Kansas Health Institute reports. Article

Provider News

> A new study published in JAMA Surgery indicates that hospitals are less likely to transfer patients to trauma centers if they have insurance. Article

> Ninety percent of healthcare providers say once the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented, it will be a "step forward" in terms of addressing long-term healthcare concerns, according to a new survey from Mortenson Construction. Article

Healthcare IT News

> A number of medical professionals in the United States now take payment by Bitcoin. Yes, that Bitcoin--the controversial peer-to-peer open source digital currency network tech blogs constantly cover, with crashing and surging value. Article

And finally...Someone hide the car keys. Article