M-health market poised for growth despite fragmentation; Georgia hospitals accept 'bed tax' over reduced Medicaid payments;

> Mobile healthcare was a $1.5 billion industry in the U.S. last year, but the market is expected to triple in five years, reaching $4.6 billion by 2014, according to a new report. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Faced with the alternative of losing already tight Medicaid reimbursement, Georgia hospitals agreed to a 1.45 percent fee or "bed tax" on patient revenue to remedy its worsening budget crisis. FierceHealthcare

> In the span of just a few short months, a Nashville hospital has improved access to primary and preventive care for uninsured and impoverished patients and is on its way to reducing emergency care costs, thanks to a unique partnership in which the hospital, Southern Hills Medical Center, hosts the clinic rent-free on its campus. FierceHealthcare

And Finally... Looks like this guy got exactly what he wanted. Article

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