LSU sets up oncology network; Price transparency cuts MRI prices;

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> Oncology patients in mostly rural areas of Louisiana and southern Mississippi will have better access to care under a new network created by the LSU healthcare system, the Associated Press reported. Article

> A new study concludes that providing some price transparency to consumers regarding MRIs can drive their price down as much as $95 in a short period of time, Vox reported. Article

> Vermont is continuing toward a single-payer healthcare system, but some observers say that it may be too difficult to disentangle itself from how healthcare is delivered in the rest of the country Stateline reported. Article

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> As hospital CEO turnover continues to rise, organizations on the lookout for new leaders may want help identifying narcisstic candidates who may make a good impression but could actually be detriments to the workplace. A new study published in PLOS ONE offers a simple, but effective way to root out potential narcissistic employees: ask them. Article

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> While mobile health efforts help to boost care quality in rural and underdeveloped nations worldwide, hurdles remain for providers in such areas when it comes to access to supplies. To that end, the World Health Organization and the government of Bhutan, a small South Asian nation in the Himalayas, teamed up with a California technology startup to examine a new method for improving patient care efforts: Drones. Article

And Finally... Hospital bill for putting Band-Aid on finger: $9,000. Article