Judge approves BJC Healthcare setlement

Despite objections from some plaintiffs, who argued that the terms weren't satisfactory, a circuit court judge in St. Louis has approved the class action settlement between BJC Healthcare and uninsured patients. The approval may bring to an end a long, drawn-out conflict that has drawn national attention.

Under the terms of the settlement, BJC had agreed to give a 25 percent discount to all uninsured patients, along with any charity care discounts for which they qualify, as well as giving such patients treated at a BJC hospital since January 1999 a refund or bill reduction on any fees they had paid. It also agreed to give uninsured patients an additional 5 percent discount if they paid their bills within 30 days.

Most members of the class apparently accepted these terms. However, a dissident group of plaintiffs in the case had asked the court to make BJC Healthcare adhere to a different standard, that of offering uninsured patients the lowest rate it had negotiated with an insurer. Despite their protests, the judge approved the settlement as written.

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