Iowa passes Medicaid expansion; MS could kill Medicaid entirely; Single-payer proposed for NYC

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After months of debate, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a bill into law that will cover tens of thousands of low-income residents.The bill is a hybrid--expanding Medicaid to about 150,000 Iowans, while providing others subsidies to cover insurance purchases through the state's exchange. Article

Maneuvering by Democrats in the Mississippi Legislature to force a debate about Medicaid expansion could put the fiscal year renewal of the entire program into jeopardy. Article

If elected mayor, former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) wants a single-payer system for New York City. Article

Provider News

The Office of Inspector General released three new reports this week that show two hospitals failed to fully comply with Medicare billing requirements and Wisconsin claimed Medicaid reimbursement for unallowable high-dollar inpatient services. Article

Healthcare IT News

Roughly 300 medical devices from 40 vendors were found to have password vulnerability problems, according to an alert recently issued by the Department of Homeland Security. Article

And Finally...Using x-rays to kill. Article


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