Iowa hospitals contribute $6.1B to state economy

Iowa's hospitals are a leading contributor to the state's economy, providing 137,000 jobs and $6.1 billion worth of products and services, according to a new study by the Iowa Hospital Association, reports AHA News Now.

"Hospitals as healthcare providers are clearly irreplaceable. But hospitals are also essential in another way--as economic engines that are among the largest employers in their communities and for the state as a whole," read a portion of the report.

The 118 hospitals in the Hawkeye State directly employ 70,484 people, and have helped create another 67,247 jobs outside of the hospital setting. They directly provide $3.8 billion in salaries and benefits and generate another $2.3 billion through other jobs that depend on hospitals.

"Community hospitals also offer community benefits in the form of charity care and free and reduced-cost services like immunizations, health screenings, and counseling. Many of these programs and services simply would not exist without hospital resources and leadership," the report said.

In addition to the economic benefit provided by the hospitals, Iowa's physicians and dentists provide 80,000 jobs with an economic impact of about $4.4 billion.

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