Impasse over Medicaid expansion in Florida could lead to government shutdown; Fed guidance on colonoscopy coverage remains vague;

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> The continuing impasse over expanding Medicaid eligibility in Florida has led Gov. Rick Scott to begin preparing for a potential government shutdown in July, the Associated Press has reported. Article

> The federal government has declared that insurers must cover the cost of anesthesia for colonoscopies, potentially saving hundreds of dollars for patients undergoing the procedure. But there are many other ambiguities in coverage the feds have yet to address, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

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> Just weeks after it issued a report that indicated hospitals have made little to no progress on patient safety outcomes, the Leapfrog Group released another report that found many hospitals also fail to adequately support their nurses. Article

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> Vulnerabilities in computerized infusion pumps could allow unauthorized users to gain access to the devices and modify the doses they deliver, according to a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Article

> Optum, the technology wing of UnitedHealth Group tasked with buoying after its rocky start, is discontinuing its work on the government-run insurance website after declaring "mission accomplished" on Thursday. Article

And finally...Surprise. Article