IL paid out $12 million in Medicaid benefits to deceased; AZ fight over Medicaid expansion heats up;

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> The state of Illinois apparently paid out $12 million for the care of deceased former Medicaid enrollees, drawing criticism from Gov. Pat Quinn, the Associated Press reported. Article

> In Arizona, an appellate court panel ruled that three dozen lawmakers opposed to Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to expand the Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act have standing to continue litigating the matter, possibly putting the expansion into doubt, reported the Arizona Republic. Article

> The Indianapolis Business Journal argues that the Affordable Care Act will help cut the profit margins of hospitals in the state from about 4 percent to zero. Article

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> Antibiotic-resistant bacteria now reach every part of the world, which could mean more deaths from even minor infections in the future, according to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report. Article

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> The FBI issued two warnings this month that healthcare organization systems, including medical devices, could be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Article

And finally...Smog wars. Article