Idaho chooses to run own exchange; Washington State hospitals confront retained surgical objects;

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> Idaho is fiercely anti-government, but unlike many other red states, it has decided it is better if it operated its own health insurance exchange--and actually market it to people who lack coverage, Kaiser Health News reports. Article

> The most common serious medical error among hospitals in Washington State is a retained surgical object, such as a sponge. Although using sponges embedded with radio frequency devices would add only $10 to a typical surgery, KUOW,org reports that most facilities are focusing first on enhancing a safety of culture. Article

> Laws in some states that regulate so-called "navigators"--specially trained individuals to help uninsured individuals to enroll in the insurance exchanges or in Medicaid--are being used to challenge their existence, and could impact how many people receive coverage, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

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> North Carolina hospitals reduced readmissions by 20 percent among the sickest and poorest patients in the state, thanks to a transitional care program that required intensive follow-ups with Medicaid patients, according to a study published in Health Affairs. Article

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> Clinical decision support surveillance tools have a moderate to significant impact on clinical outcomes for a majority of providers recently surveyed by Orem, Utah-based research firm KLAS. Article

And finally...Who stole the gold eyelid implants? Article