ICC, ASHE to streamline hospital building process

The International Code Council and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering have collaborated to streamline hospital building codes, according to AHA News Now.

The two organizations have launched a 15-member ad hoc committee to "improve, simplify and reduce redundancy" in building codes for hospitals and outpatient care centers.

Although officials involved with the process say hospital safety has improved over the decades, many projects are ensnared in conflicting or redundant building codes and enforcement issued and maintained by federal and local authorities. Moreover, they would like to be able to have a more streamlined building process in order to consider cost-effective construction processes that would not reduce current patient safety levels.

"Our members dedicate countless financial and human resources to assure fire and building codes and standards are continuously met in our facilities and this effort will strive to streamline the process," ASHE Deputy Director Douglas S. Erickson said in a statement. "Every dollar a hospital spends on redundant codes is a dollar that is drawn away from direct patient care."

For more:
- read the AHA News Now article
- check out the news release

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