House moves to shut out Independent Payment Advisory Board

House Republicans aim to block implementation of one of the keystones of cost control in the Affordable Care Act, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), reported The Hill's Healthwatch.

The House incorporated in its rules for the 113th Congress a plan to reject fast-track plans for IPAB, according to the article.

The board, which has yet to be convened, would make cost-cutting rulings on various portions of the Medicare program.

The GOP has long resisted the IPAB, whose recommendations would require a supermajority in the Senate to override. It has tried to kill the board on many occasions, often in tandem with attempts to repeal the ACA. Late last week, the House voted 228-196 to adopt the rule that includes the IPAB rejection, noted California HealthLine.

The reform law's requirements for considering IPAB recommendations "will not apply in the One Hundred Thirteenth Congress," reads a portion of the rules package, Healthwatch reported.

However, even if the House rejects moving IPAB forward, the board's recommendations could still be made law, according to the National Review.

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