The hottest healthcare jobs for 2016 and beyond

The healthcare sector is expected to create at least 3.8 million new jobs in the United States by 2024 and Forbes has determined which ones will be the hottest in the next decade.

"Extended longevity and an aging population, combined with expanding insurance coverage under Obamacare, are increasing the demand for many health professionals," said Forbes. However, the data it has compiled has suggested that not only clinical positions will be in demand--many positions will be created in areas ancillary to direct patient services.

Hospitals have been huge job creators in the past couple of years. They created more than 166,000 jobs over the past year, and employ nearly 5 million people nationwide. Healthcare jobs are also relatively well-paying, with 4.5 million positions throughout the U.S. paying what is considered a middle-class wage or better.

While physicians and specialty clinicians such as surgeons will continue to command high salaries, some of the fastest-growing jobs in the healthcare sector still pay more than six figures, and most are far less stressful than practicing medicine, according to the article.

The top in-demand job will be that of audiologist, with a median salary of more than $73,000 and projected growth of 29 percent until 2024. Dieticians--who are often employed by hospitals--were at the number four position, with a median salary of just under $57,000 and projected growth of 16 percent over the next decade. The number five position, optometrist, is among the best-paying, with median pay of more than $101,000 and projected growth of 27 percent.

Other hot jobs include physician therapist, another specialist widely employed by hospitals, along with chiropractors, medical records technicians and dental hygienists. Physical therapists expect to have the biggest expansion of jobs, with 34 percent more positions being created by 2024. Pharmacists, which are also often hired by hospitals, are the best paid, commanding a median salary of more than $120,000. However, projected growth between 2014 and 2024 is just 3 percent.

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