Hospitals postponing 'shovel-ready' projects; Federal bills would expand health coverage;

> Increasingly, hospitals are postponing "shovel-ready" capital projects, held back by the credit crunch, according to a new survey from the American Hospital Association. Article

> An analysis of reform proposals done by The Commonwealth Fund concludes that several legislative proposals already under consideration by Congress could significantly cut the number of uninsured Americans. Article

> Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle is proposing to tax hospital revenue in the state, generating about a billion dollars in federal matching funds over the first three years. State leaders plan to funnel federal funds back to hospitals, and project they'd come out ahead. Article

> CMS has finalized three rules on preventable surgical "never events," including wrong surgeries, wrong body part surgeries and performing surgeries on wrong patients. Article

And Finally... I doubt the librarians were much help with this one. Article