Hospital try to reunite moms quicker after C-sections; LSU med schools struggling with legacy costs;

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> Some hospitals, such as Ohio State Health's Wexner Medical Center, aim to make sure mothers are closer to their infants after a C-section, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Article

> The privatization of the Louisana State University hospital system has left its medical schools saddled with millions of dollars in legacy costs associated with its employees, the Associated Press reported. Article

> The head of the Nevada Hospital Association says the current levels of Medicaid reimbursement are "unsustainable" and that more funding is needed, according to Nevada Appeal. Article

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> The use of a drug called spice--a synthetic substance that mimics the effects of marijuana--has sparked a troubling rise in visits to emergency departments and calls to poison control, the New York Times reports. Article

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> Physicians under the age of 40 are more likely to believe the industry will reach a fully connected technology environment soon, while those older than 40 think that move is at least five years away, according to a survey by MedData Point. Article

And finally...Girl paralyzed at the waist walks again. Article

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