Hillary Clinton proposes healthcare tax credit; Delaware hospital devotes resources to treating addicted babies;

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> In an effort to address increasing medical costs, Hillary Clinton is proposing a tax credit of up to $5,000 per household tied to healthcare use, the New York Times has reported. Article

> Christiana Hospital in Delaware is devoting significant resources to its neonatal services expansion to deal with newborns that are addicted to heroin or other opioid painkillers, the News-Journal has reported. Article

> Hospitals in South Florida saw their net income jump by nearly 40 percent last year, with cost-cutting measures tied to the Affordable Care Act and the shifting of Medicaid patients into managed care, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Article

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> Two advocacy groups call for an immediate halt to new programs experimenting with the return of marathon, 30-plus hour work shifts for novice doctors. The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen and the American Medical Students Association asked the federal government to intervene and put a stop to the practice, The Washington Post reported. They claim the long shifts pose serious health risks to student doctors as well as patients. Article

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> Federal Trade Commission processes for seeking sanctions on companies violating data security practices very likely could be impacted by last week's dismissal of the agency's case against LabMD via an administrative law judge's initial ruling, according to attorney Reed Freeman. In a recent interview with HealthcareInfoSecurity, Freeman said the ruling could cause agency staffers to think twice about which cases they pursue, given the perceived difficulty of determining that a breach could be exploited to harm consumers. In his initial ruling, judge Michael Chappell said that finding in favor of the agency would "require unacceptable speculation" that the breach could be exploited. Article

And finally... Here's what it takes to get Canadians mad. Article