Health execs benefit from educational opportunities at HFMA's 2011 ANI

For those healthcare finance executives looking for an educational opportunity, the Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2011 ANI conference presents plenty of options.

Altogether, the event will have up to 27.5 Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) credits for a single attendee to obtain. The CPEs are for accountants and others who need to maintain their specific accreditations.

A daylong pre-conference session on June 26, "Medicare Cost Reporting for Optimal Reimbursement," can provide nine units. Another session that day, "Step-by-Step Approach to Reduce 30-Day Rehospitalization Rates," is good for 3.5 CPEs.

The "early-riser" sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, which begin at 7 a.m., can provide for one CPE. The regular breakout sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are good for 1.5 CPEs. And the healthcare-oriented keynote speakers are good for one or 1.5 CPEs.

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