Greenville Hospital System may have promised too much; Dallas commissioners don't care that Parkland Memorial lied to Medicare;

> The Greenville Hospital System has promised to contribute $35 million over seven to 10 years to help pay for the expansion of the University of South Carolina medical school, yet its credit rating was downgraded by Moody's in April and it announced layoffs in May, the Post and Courier reports. Opponents say the money to expand the school will burden state tax payers. Article

> Dallas County commissioners don't seem to care that Parkland Memorial Hospital overcharged Medicare for years, repaid only $1.4 million although it once estimated it owed $50 million; withheld information from auditors; and now faces a Department of Justice investigation, the Dallas Morning News reports. Article

> The Texas County Memorial Hospital bottom line is back in the black and inpatient numbers continue to climb, reports the Houston Herald. Article

> Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Miss., told WLOX News Tuesday it will lay off 47 employees, 35 of which are full-time employees, due to an $11 million dollar budget shortfall. Article

And finally … There's a market for everything. Article