Greasing the wheels of your revenue cycle

Financial data is quickly becoming a top strategic asset in its own right. With the healthcare technology revolution in full swing, any CEO worth his or her paycheck is searching for better ways to integrate their organization's clinical and financial data. This year's ANI offers some hope.

For starters, expect vendors to trot out a slew of new products designed to come to your rescue. And many can. Keep an eye out for solutions that offer a sophisticated interplay between your IT and finance systems to speed up your cash flow and reduce your audit vulnerability. You'll also find financing options that could help free up a bit of cash, improve collections, and uncover hidden financial opportunities.

And there are plenty of educational sessions that focus on such perennial topics as finance and accounting operations, revenue cycle, patient access and reimbursement strategies. Mixed in are a few fascinating case studies on how some leading healthcare organizations saved millions, like this this one about how a point-of-service collections program helped Alexian Brothers Health System lop $10 million off its bad debt, and an account of how St. Clair hospital cauterized some financial hemorrhaging by going Lean. Should be worth an hour of your time, no?