Florida's Medicaid expansion versus amputations; eHealth.com struggling;

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> If Florida had expanded Medicaid, diabetics such as Vincent Adderly might have avoided an amputation, the Miami Herald reported. Article

> eHealth.com, the once-robust private health insurance exchange, has been hit hard by the state and federal versions created as part of the Affordable Care Act, Kaiser Health News has reported. Article

> California is seeking permission from the federal government to provide housing for vulnerable homeless people with Medicaid Funds, according to Healthcare Finance News. Article

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> Research has already shown that Magnet hospitals boast better outcomes for patients and nurses, but a new study takes this notion even further, as it found that just the process of applying for the elite status can improve care quality and nurse work environment. Article

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> Eighty-four percent of teens get some of their health information from the Internet, and 1 in 4 four say they get "a lot" of their health information online, according to a new study from Northwestern University. Article

And Finally... Hooters waitress donates kidney to customer. Article