Enrollment reaching 9.1M goal; ACA creating tax issues;

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> The Obama Administration has said it is moving close to its goal of 9.1 million newly insured Americans during the current open enrollment period, the Associated Press reported. Article

> Although many major insurers fought the Affordable Care Act as it was passed into law, their stocks have seen huge bottom lines gains due to new enrollees, Bloomberg reported. Article

> The tax credits that are incorporated into much of the Affordable Care Act will complicate this year's tax returns, Kaiser Healtth News reported. Article

Provider News

> In the wake of this week's fatal shooting at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, hospitals in the area plan to revisit their security plans, the Boston Globe reported. Article

Healthcare IT News

> Although most healthcare chief information officers have implemented certified electronic health record systems and the required standards, many remain frustrated in their quest for interoperability, according to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO John Halamka. Article

And finally...Cardiff's top-rated restaurant is in a prison. Article