Daughters buyer only wants to keep hospitals open five years; Two hospital operators aim to built new Miami-area hospital

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> BlueMountain Capital Management intends to keep Daughters of Charity's half-dozen hospitals open for only five years, a far shorter time than California Attorney General Kamala Harris had mandated for a previous suitor who backed out of the deal, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Article

> Both a for-profit and public hospital operator have filed letters of intent with regulators to open a new hospital in Dade County, Florida, according to Politico. Article

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> Hospital boards of directors that pay close attention to clinical quality have a positive effect on overall management scores and clinical quality metrics, according to a study in this month's Health Affairs. Researchers identified two "signatures of high-performing hospital boards and management practice." First, when hospital boards paid greater attention to clinical quality, management teams better monitored quality performance. Second, when boards used clinical quality metrics more effectively, hospital management staff performed better when it came to operations, setting and monitoring targets and human resource management. Article

> The conditions and symptoms that drive many healthcare "super-users" to seek care in and out of the emergency room are intense but don't last long, according to a new study in Health Affairs. Article

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> While 48 states and the District of Columbia all have definitions of telehealth or telemedicine written into law or their Medicaid program, differences in those definitions create "confusing environments" for end users, according to a new report by the Center for Connected Health Policy. Article

And finally...The key to a long life--lots of booze. Article