Datebook: Notable sessions at HFMA ANI 2011

Monday, June 27:

10 a.m. - Using a Physician Electronic Health Record to Drive Financial Integration

Is there really such a thing as a realistic budget for a hospital-sponsored physician EHR program? You'll find out at this session, where attendees will learn how hospital-sponsored electronic health records impact physician practices, as well as hospital subsidy levels, incentive reimbursement, productivity and cash flow. Discussion topics will also include capital and operating costs, total cost of ownership and how to design a comprehensive EHR support program that facilitates system implementation and optimal use by physicians and staff. Whew! Speakers: Daniel Marino, President and CEO, Health Directions LLC; Martin Manning, President, Advocate Physician Partners

2:45 p.m. - How Reform of the Delivery and Payment System Will Change Health Care

If you're a CFO, CEO or other sleep-deprived executive seeking more intelligence on meeting the challenges of Medicare's big payment changes, this session is for you. You'll also learn about additional payment changes looming on the horizon and how healthcare organizations must change their structure, operations and market position to succeed. Speaker: Nicholas Wolter, MD, CEO, Billings Clinic


Tuesday, June 28:

10 a.m. - How to Eliminate Avoidable Revenue Cycle Costs and Maximize Patient Lifetime Revenue Value

This session will help anyone with knowledge of the revenue cycle process use customer relationship management to protect the lifetime revenue value of each patient served. Find out how to define the critical, revenue cycle patient touch points, their relationship to clinical touch points and how to identify and eliminate avoidable revenue cycle processing costs. Speakers: Bobette Gustafson, President and CEO, Gustafson and Associates; Scott Morgan, President, Revenue Cycle Partners

2:45 p.m. - Collaborating to Improve Value: Aligning Incentives with External Stakeholders

Learn how to align beneficiary incentives with the goal of obtaining high-quality care for the best value by reforming the design of the traditional Medicare fee-for-service. This is session will help you identify potential opportunities for physician, payer and post-acute care collaboration. Also covered will be how to define the characteristics of a successful collaboration strategy. Speakers: Chad Mulvany, Technical Director, HFMA; Tim Kan, Sr., Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Wednesday, June 29:

10 a.m. - Maintaining Compliance During Times of Change

Are you worried about how the legal provisions of healthcare reform will impact your compliance programs? (It's a rhetorical question.) This session will help you understand the latest developments in the complex areas of antitrust, fraud and abuse, corporate responsibility, privacy, taxation, employment, credentialing and other areas that are currently undergoing heightened legal scrutiny. Also learn how to implement strategies to assist with compliance in your organization. Speaker: Joanne Judge, CPA, Esq., Partner, Stevens & Lee

3:15 p.m. - Ensuring the Best Use of Limited Capital

Learn the process and tools needed for careful and targeted allocation of capital spending to ensure continued organizational success. This session will help attendees assess capital capacity and position to reflect environmental shifts and market realities. You'll also learn to how to measure level of risk in a portfolio of potential initiatives. Speaker: Jason Sussman, Partner, Kaufman, Hall & Associates