Colorado's uninsured plummet but underinsured rise; Florida's Medicaid program facing $1B-plus shortfall;

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> Colorado's uninsured rate has dropped from more than 13 percent to below 7 percent as a result of the Affordable Care Act, but the number of underinsured residents has been a cause for concern among consumer advocates, Colorado Public Radio reported. Article

> In Florida, the Medicaid program is expected to cost an additional $600 million in 2016 as more people become eligible for enrollment, while the federal government will likely cut funding by more than $400 million, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Article

> Connecticut lawmakers are outraged that Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) has moved to cut funding to 29 hospitals by $63.3 million, a cut that will also strip away federal matching funds. Altogether, the loss to hospitals is expected to total as much as $192 million, The Bristol Press  reported. Article

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> Health systems and hospitals that are members of Premier Inc.'s PACT population health management collaborative have outperformed other Medicare ACOs in the Medicare Shared Savings and Pioneer programs, reporting higher than average scores in 22 of the 33 quality measures. Article

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> The concept of pulmonary insufficiency in ICD-10 could cost the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and taxpayers billions of dollars in waste, according to consultant Robert S. Gold, M.D. Article

And Finally... Raccoon places order when it's finished stealing cat food. Article