Chicago hospital must find buyer or close

It looks like another financially-struggling hospital could be forced into bankruptcy this week, due in part to the ongoing crisis in the financial markets. Lincoln Park Hospital in Chicago, which lost $15 million last year, has been forced to hire a firm to find a buyer. With the increasing credit crisis, if a buyer cannot be found, the facility may be forced to close.

Even though it is in a prosperous neighborhood, the hospital has been facing quite a few challenges. Patients have a choice of several other, better-capitalized hospitals in the area. Meanwhile, Lincoln's large number of Medicaid patients has led to slower cash flow, crippling its ability to stabilize itself.

A further challenge lies in the building renovations that need to be done to part of the hospital that was built in 1928. The renovations are likely to cost at least $7 million dollars, which the hospital doesn't have. Borrowing the money to make these renovations isn't easy these days, even for hospitals in better financial shape.

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