Californians far less concerned about healthcare costs; Rural hospital leaders push Congress;

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> A new survey of Californians reveals that they no longer consider healthcare costs a major financial concern, ranking it below housing, utilities and gasoline, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

> Rural hospital leaders have asked a Congressional subcommittee to keep in mind the unique needs of their patients as they make rules for critical access facilities, AHA News Now reported. Article

> Medicare has played another important role in America: desegregating hospitals, according to NPR. Article

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> Hospitals can take some lessons from Verizon, the once "stodgy" utility company that is now seizing new business opportunities and reacting to meet new consumer demands. The way the telecommunications and media industry is rapidly changing and the moves Verizon is making to position itself for the future has lessons for healthcare providers, according to an article by Kenneth Kaufman, chair of Kaufman Hall & Associates LLC, in Skokie, Illinois. Article

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> The transition to ICD-10 could have radiologists seeing up to a 6-fold increase in the number of codes they use, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. That could mean a leap from 14,000 codes to almost 70,000, which the study's authors call an "enormous technological, operational and financial impact," as reported by Radiology Business. Article

And finally...Drone rescues drone. Article