CA judge blocks Medicaid cuts; NY plans $200M reduction to hospital budget;

> A California judge has blocked the state's planned 10 percent cut in fees under it's Medicaid program, saying the plan appears to violate federal law. Article

> New York's legislature has convinced lawmakers to cut the budget by $1 billion over the next 18 months, including cuts to hospitals that should top $200 million when federal matching funds are included. Article

> A new study from Kaiser concludes that one in four Americans continues to struggle with paying for health care, with healthcare ranking as a "serious problem" above paying for food, problems with debt, and paying the rent or mortgage. Article

> Medicare Part D monthly premiums are going to be 37 percent lower than originally expected in 2009, according to CMS. Article

And Finally... Hey, you've got to keep your budget balanced. Don't the cops understand that? Article