CA expands Medicaid autism options; Republicans could chip away at ACA if they win Senate;

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> The state of California elected to provide broader coverage for autism treatment through its Medicaid program, although it remains an unsettled question how much the state will pay providers, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> If the GOP takes over the Senate after the mid-term elections, the party will likely engage in incremental measures to damage the Affordable Care Act, Politico reported. Article

> An apparent glitch in the tax subsidy formula for purchasing coverage through state health exchanges means in some instances younger enrollees would pay more out of pocket for a Bronze plan than the higher-priced Silver plan, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Article

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> The death of Joan Rivers has increased scrutiny of outpatient medical centers and ambulatory surgery centers, according to PBS Newshour. Article

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> Telemedicine helped reduce the rate of readmissions among patients after hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction, according to new research published this month in Telemedicine and e-Health. Article

And Finally... Fraudulent fertility kits. Article