Bills in North Carolina would repeal CON; Rural hospitals in Wyoming collaborate to keep doors open;

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> Two bills pending in the North Carolina house aim to repeal the state's certificate of need law, but have drawn stiff opposition from the state hospital association, the News and Observer has reported. Article

> Three rural hospitals in Wyoming are working closely together to ensure the survival of each facility, including the rotation of area surgeons and pharmacists, according to the Billings Gazette. Article

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> Despite warnings for months that the United States must prepare for a potential outbreak of the Zika virus, officials have made little progress, according to a commentary published in JAMA the same day officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that the virus was "scarier than we initially thought." Article

> Nurses are so stressed out from their jobs that some are actually suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, raising issues about patient care and what hospital managers can do to reshape their work environment, National Public Radio has reported. Article

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> Surgeon Sahfi Ahmed, who made a name for himself by using Google Glass, performed cancer surgery last Thursday using virtual reality that was streamed online. Medical students around the world and other interested parties could view the Royal London Hospital-based operation--and the whole surgery workflow--using inexpensive Google Cardboard VR glasses paired with the VRinOR app for smartphone or tablet or by watching it online. Article

And Finally... A high-tech Peeping Tom. Article