Bankrupt New Jersey hospital reopens; Arizona lawmakers receive ominous threats over Medicaid expansion votes;

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> Bankrupt Pascack Valley Hospital in New Jersey, now renamed HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley, reopens to non-emergent patients in June. Article

> In Louisiana, privitization of nine state hospitals will cost more than originally estimated--about $1 billion in the next year. Article

> Arizona lawmakers receive ominous threats over Medicaid expansion votes. Article

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> States continue to sign up for the Medicaid expansion, but those that are embroiled in legislative fights over the expansion fear even a one-year delay could mean they'll lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds to cover low-income residents. Article

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> A heated exchange between chief executives of two health exchanges in Kansas led to the board that regulates them to decree that networks cannot charge each other connectivity fees until at least 2015. Article

And Finally... 87-year-old skydives to pay great grandson's medical bills. Article


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