ALSO NOTED: Caritas Carney cutting jobs; Doylestown refinances bonds; and much more...

> Boston-area teaching hospital Caritas Carney has cut 55 jobs as it prepares for other changes designed to improve its financial position. Article

> Doylestown (PA) Hospital has issued $237 million in new revenue bonds and sold its majority interest in a health and wellness center for $27.5 million, which it will use to refinance its existing debt at a lower interest rate. Article

> Fort Valley, GA-based Peach Regional Medical Center is facing a $600,000 drop in net revenue from the same time in 2007, a problem its administrator attributes to the removal of the hospital's emergency department "fast tracking" program. Article

>  In an effort to pump up their bottom line, a growing number of smaller hospitals without cardiac surgeons on call have begun to perform angioplasties. FierceHealthcare

And Finally...  Here's a novel way to attract patients--Bigfoot!  Article