ACA will provide cost-sharing subsidies; Why poor may prefer hospital care;

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> An Affordable Care Act program will provide cost-sharing subsidies to individuals who purchase insurance through the exchanges, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in co-payments and deductibles. Article

> A new study explores why, despite all the obstacles, poor people may prefer receiving their care in a hospital setting. Article

> The Massachusetts Legislature is debating whether to pay spouses to care for their disabled spouses. Article

Provider News

> The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services last week awarded about $332 million to states, territories and large cities to help hospitals and health systems improve surge capacity and better prepare for public health emergencies. Article

Healthcare IT News

> There's yet another health privacy threat to worry about--health websites--as they share user search terms for advertising purposes, according to an article published online this week in JAMA Internal Medicine. Article

And finally...Are 46-year-old chicken feet a health hazard? Article


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