ACA adds 10 million insured; FL looking at new Medicaid expansion plan;

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> The Affordable Care Act brought insurance coverage to more than 10 million Americans in the past year and brought the nation's uninsured rate down by more than 5 percentage points, NBC News reported. Article

> Lawmakers in Florida have presented what they say is a politically palatable way to expand Medicaid eligibility by providing money to the 1 million Floridians in the so-called "coverage gap," although it remains to be seen if the state legislature would approve it, the Miami Herald reported. Article

> A change in Medicare regulations intended to reduce billing fraud would require seniors in three states to obtain prior approval before ordering an ambulance for transport to cancer or dialysis treatments, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

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> Preventing hospital deaths involves improving the accessibility of medical records, increasing accountability for clinicians and creating a National Patient Safety Board, patient safety advocate John T. James, Ph.D., told West Health in a recent interview. Article

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> An experienced team, robust and accurate documentation and communication are all crucial elements for sharing complex health data sets across large collaborative research networks, according to new case study published this week in the journal eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes). Article

And Finally... Hospital sued for switching infants at birth--20 years after the fact. Article