AAFP demands implementation of CMS 2010 fee schedule; Council of Economic Advisors says reform will lower health spending;

> The American Academy of Family Physicians has come out strongly against a Senate amendment that would push back implementation of the CMS 2010 fee schedule. The group says the new CMS standards would increase office visit payments by 6 percent. Article

> It's the trillion-dollar question: Will reform lower federal spending or not? The president's Council of Economic Advisors says yes, at least by 2019. Report

> In case you thought the matter was settled, we have a countervailing prediction from CMS actuaries, who predict that the current Democratic healthcare proposals would actually increase healthcare spending. Article

> Case study: This video discusses how Spartanburg, S.C. received help in their efforts to develop a care network for uninsured patients. Video

And Finally... Hey, when my cellular bill goes over $100 bucks, I go nuts. If I were this dad, I think I'd collapse on the spot. Article