30 busted for Medicare false claims charges worth $61M

Well, it seems like the federal agencies charged with catching false-claim filers are doing it Eliot Ness style. With relentless focus, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has brought down 30 people in three cities, charging them with submitting more than $61 million in false Medicare claims.

This strike force includes staff from the Department of Justice, HHS and state and local investigators. They're operating now in Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Brooklyn, Tampa and Baton Rouge.

This batch of alleged crooks are accused of a long list of misdeeds, including conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program, money laundering, criminal false claims and receiving kickbacks. Sounds like a mess, people.

A previous bust by the Strike Force this summer pulled in 53 providers, executives and beneficiaries, accusing them of filing $50 million  in false claims. The complaints alleged that providers submitted claims for medically unnecessary procedures--or procedures that were never provided at all--and that beneficiaries accepted cash kickbacks for submitting forms saying they had gotten the procedures.

To learn more about the Strike Force:
- read this news release

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