2007 hospital stays cost $55.9 billion; Health plan premiums up 5 percent in '09;

> New data from 2007 concludes that there were more than 4.7 million hospitals stays among adults aged 55 years to 64 years, totaling $55.9 billion, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Article

> The relentless march upward continues for health plan premiums. A new study suggests that family premiums grew 5 percent during 2009 alone, to $13,375 annually. Article

> Here's a promise likely to gather some attention. Vendor Athenahealth has kicked off a program promising physicians that if they use its service, they'll get the HITECH Act bonus payment for the 2011 program year. Article

> At least one study suggests that U.S. physicians may not be the interest group challenging implementation of a public-option health plan. A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study concludes that more than half of doctors support reforms that include such a product. Article

And Finally... Wow. Who would would have thought a court would give workers' fantasies a thumbs-up? Article