Study concludes documentation in paper records inadequate; Five entities vying to become permanent EHR certifiers;

> A Nigerian study of more than 700 paper patient records published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found documentation of the records often inconsistent and inadequate, adversely affecting their quality. The researchers found, in particular, gross underutilization of discharge summary forms, indicating not only the need for training but lack of will in completing them. Abstract

> Electronic health records are becoming an integral part of remote and wireless patient monitoring, according to new research from Kalorama Information. EHRs can be used as components of, or add-ons to, the monitoring system, and physicians can customize the programs and reports created. Report

> The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, the Drummond Group, ICSA Laboratories, InfoGard Laboratories and Orion Register all have been accredited to apply to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to be electronic health records certifying bodies in the permanent certification program supporting the EHR Meaningful Use program, Health Data Management reports. Article

And Finally... I probably would have laughed, too. Who knew? Article